Two for Twenty - Light And Dark Combo

Two for Twenty - Light And Dark Combo

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This is a combo pack of our Light and Dark Roast Blends. This is the perfect mixup match of 2 coffee's from different roast spectrums. 

2-12 ounce bags for only $20, 

Available in whole bean or ground.


Early Bird Blend

Roast Level; Light

Profile; sweet, fruit-forward, fig, cherry

This creation consists of the perfect mix of beans from some of the best coffee producing regions this world has to offer. It has an equal balance of coffee from Ethiopia, Uganda and Colombia. All of these origins boast a unique light fruited experience. With such an apparent colorful nature, lighter roasts are best enjoyed without cream or sugar. But we don't make the rules. Enjoy. 


roast level; extra dark

profile; smoked maple wood, cherry, chestnut

This coffee is specially roasted to a very dark profile. It has a balance of multiple coffee origins weighted more on Brazil then Rwanda and a little sweetness from Colombia. These varieties are roasted separately to their own unique roast profile to highlight each of their best qualities. Even though we roasted this blend to the next level, we assure you this is non-bitter experience. Enjoy!